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Announce a PhD project

You have a defined PhD project and are seeking a PhD student to fill in the position. In this case, the PhD project must be announced via the GSTS website in order to ensure that the right candidate is found for the position.


The admission process is shut down during the month of July

Please note that the admission process is shut down during the month of July. This means that there will be no application deadlines in July, no new PhD positions will be announced, and as a rule there will not be any processing of ongoing admission cases during the month of July.

How to announce a PhD project

To have a project announced, please send the following to admission.gradschool.tech@au.dk:

  1. The financing plan filled in by you and your Project Finance Administrator and signed by your Head of department. It will confirm that there is full funding (salary, tuition etc.) for the entire PhD project period.
  2. The filled-in project information form – please note that announcements on external platforms is on your own expenses.

The PhD project will be announced by the PhD administration when all necessary information is received.

Deadlines and start date

Please note that the start date depends on various factors, e.g. final enrollment requirements/details, getting a study- and residence permit (international students), etc.

It can therefore take up to 16 weeks after announcement start before the candidate can start as a PhD student.

Assessment process

After the application deadline the PhD administration will perform the legality check and forwards the candidates to shortlisting with the Project owner/Main Supervisor.

Hereafter the Programme Chair or a member of the programme committee will in cooperation with the Project owner/Main Supervisor make the academic assessment of the shortlisted candidate(s) and in this connection also perform an interview with the relevant candidate(s).

The admission committee will hereafter decide whether the selected candidate can be offered admission or not.

You can see a detailed overview of the assessment process here (PDF).

Making a readvertisement

Announcing a PhD position is comparable with a job advertisement - sometimes the perfect match for the position does not come in the first round. In this case, it is of course possible to make a readvertisement.

Please just send us an updated version of the project information form and of the financing plan, and write that you would like to make a readvertisement.

We will then announce it on the GSTS website, and the process will be the same as it was the first time.

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