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Quantitative Genetics and Genomics

The Programme

The research at the Center for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics (QGG) strives to understand the processes connecting genetic variation at the molecular level all the way to the expression of complex phenotypes as well as understanding variation and development of changes in the DNA itself. QGG does this by basic and applied research using its core competences in statistical genetics, population genetics, quantitative genetics, quantitative genomics and bioinformatics in animals, plants and human. In addition QGG have strong competences related to all different farmed animal and crop species as well as a strong program in human genetics and genomics.

QGG develops and implements advanced statistical and bioinformatics methods for analysis of genetics problems in animal and plant breeding as well as in human genetics. Advanced methods developed are applied on practical problems in all species. Furthermore, synergies in genomics research in agricultural species and human hold a significant potential for driving scientific discovery forward and asking questions relevant to basic biology.

Internationally oriented working environment

Most of QGG employees and PhD students are international. Therefore, the research environment is very internationally oriented with a strong focus on research quality, high quality education, and providing a highly inspiring work environment.

Strong international and industry collaboration

QGG research has a strong position in the international science community. Several research projects in QGG are conducted in close collaboration with Danish and international animal and plant breeding companies as well as close collaboration with highly influential universities both in Denmark and abroad. We work with industry to integrate our results for the genetic improvement in plants and animals.

Research facilities available

The PhD programme in Quantitative Genetics and Genomics allows students to take advantage of unique research facilities and data availability at the Center. QGG has access to large dataset for genetic studies in several agricultural species, facilities to conduct both intensive and field experiments in plants and animals, greenhouse, powerful computing facility, in-house software and molecular biology laboratory.

Research projects in QGG

QGG PhD students since 2012

Courses offered at QGG

Geographic location

QGG researchers are located at the main university campus in Aarhus, and Research Center Flakkebjerg near Slagelse.


Head of the QGG PhD programme: Doug Speed 

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