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Illness and parental leave

If you fall ill or you are going to have a baby, you will typically be allowed a leave of absence from your PhD study. What your options are, which rules apply and what you must do to ensure all the formalities are in order depends on your situation, particularly on whether or not you are employed at AU.

On this page, you will find resources to help you navigate in your situation. Please start by reading the GSTS Rules and Regulations chapter 7 on extensions, leaves and part-time studies.

Nat-Tech Specialist Team

All cases regarding illness and parental leaves are handled by a specialist team within the Nat-Tech PhD administration. If you are absent from your work/studies due to illness or will be taking leave in relation to becoming a parent, please contact the specialist team as soon as possible.

Please use the blue dropdown menu to identify whom to contact within the specialist team.

If in doubt, you are always welcome to contact your PhD partner.

  • Agroecology

    • 40265495

  • Animal Science

    • 40265495

  • Ecoscience

    • jose@au.dk

  • Engineering

    • jose@au.dk

  • Environmental Science

    • 40265495

  • Food Science

    • 40265495

  • Quantum Genomics and Genetics (QGG)

    • 40265495

Parental leave - not AU-employed PhD students

Different rules may apply if you are enrolled but not employed as a PhD student (e.g. CSC, industrial PhD or 3+5/4+4 before the qualifying exam).

Please choose your PhD programme in the blue drop down menu to see whom to contact.

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