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Financing and grants

A complete financing plan for the PhD study period is a prerequisite to obtain admission to the PhD programme at the GSTS. The financing plan must cover all expenses for the PhD (scholarship/fellowship, tuition fee, running costs, incl. expenses for mobility plans, etc.).

The student does not have to bring his or her own financing when applying, but if financial support is available, this must be documented as part of the application. The main supervisor will draw up the financing plan before the application procedure begins.  

Other PhD students are employed in private companies as part of the Industrial PhD programme or as a Company PhD student. Most other PhD students are either awarded a PhD scholarship or a PhD fellowship through Aarhus University, with funding coming from a multitude of sources such as the university, public or private research foundations, private companies, EU programmes, etc.

Note that GSTS requires PhD students without employment at Aarhus University to demonstrate a minimum monthly income corresponding to two PhD SU scholarships (One PhD SU scholarship equals DKK 6,820 per month (2024-level, before tax).

Please contact the Research Support Office for questions regarding PhD cost prices, and your project finance administrator if you have additional questions.

Freedom of research

Aarhus University is committed to protecting the rights of PhD students and ensuring optimal conditions throughout the entire PhD study. For Aarhus University, it is crucial that PhD students have the freedom to conduct research without fear of economic sanctions or reprisals. This is essential for PhD students to develop their academic independence and skills and contribute to new knowledge in their research area, as described in the basic principles of PhD education at Aarhus University.

GSTS does therefore not accept third-party contracts (for example in connection to international scholarships) that limit the freedom or mobility of PhD students during and after the PhD study at GSTS. PhD students who are not employed by Aarhus University are required to sign a document stating that no such third-party contracts exist.

Erroneous or misleading information may result in rejection of an application for a PhD study or termination of the PhD study.

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