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Project title Programme Candidate background
2023/11/01 23:59 CET PhD in diagnostics and management to prevent mortality in sows with special emphasis on liver lobe torsions Animal Sciences We expect the candidate to hold a Master’s degree in veterinary science.
2023/10/15 23:59 AI-enabled 6G communication for immersive Tactile Internet Electrical and Computer Engineering The applicants must have a master’s degree (120 ECTS) in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering, Computer Science, or within a relevant area.
2023/10/16 23:59 CEST PhD in Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Agroecosystems Agroecology The applicants must have a M.S. degree in Soil Science, Agronomy, Environmental Science, or closely related fields
2023/09/28 23:59 Consumer engagement for higher acceptance of alternative protein Food Science Applicants to the PhD position must have a relevant Master’s degree in Food Science, Sensory Science, Nutritional Science or equivalent
2023/09/30 23:59 Studying atmospheric greenhouse gas variability through modeling and satellite data Environmental Science Applicants to the PhD position must hold MSc degree in environmental science, physics, computer science or other disciplines with relevant specialization
2023/10/13 23:59 CEST Integrating Complex Multi-Layer Data to Accurately Predict Breeding Values for Methane Emission in Cows Quantitative Genetics and Genomics Applicants to the PhD position must hold a Master's degree in a relevant quantitative field (Quantitative genetics, Statistical genetics, Applied statistics, Computational biology, or another related field)
2023/09/30 23:59 CEST PhD in Optimisation of crop rotations using diverse grasslands Agroecology We are searching for a highly motivated candidate who has an M.Sc. degree in soil science, agronomy, environmental sciences, ecology, or closely related fields
2023/10/05 23:59 Assessing future changes in Greenland runoff using machine learning and climate models Environmental Science Applicants should hold a master degree in physics, maths, computer science, geophysics, engineering, glaciology, environmental science or a related subject
2023/09/24 23:59 CEST Algorithms for digital twins of offshore wind parks Civil and Achitectural Engineering Applicants should hold a MSc Degree in civil or mechanical engineering
2023/10/20 23:59 CEST Sustainability and Resilience Modeling of Complex Manufacturing Systems Mechanical and Production Engineering We seek excellent candidates with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Environmental Engineering, or a related discipline
2023/09/30 23:59 CEST PhD in Deep Learning for Biodiversity Monitoring: Custom Imaging Platform and Deep Learning to Classify and Phenotype Earthworms Quantitative Genetics and Genomics Master's degree in data science, mathematics, physics, computational biology or another quantitative field
2023/10/01 23:59 CEST Computational Non-Target Chemical Analysis Environmental Science Relevant Master’s degree and knowledge within analytical and computational chemistry
2023/10/15 23:59 CEST PhD in Health and feeding management for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions in dairy herds Animal Sciences Relevant Master’s degree within animal science, veterinary science, biology, and economy are preferred.
2024/01/18 23:59 CET Highly renewable energy systems under extreme weather events (EXTREMES) Mechanical and Production Engineering Applicants must have a MSc in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Energy Engineering, Physics, Maths, Computer Science or similar.
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