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Wetlands (2024)

ECTS credits: 5 ECTS

Course parameters:
Language: English
Level of course: PhD (Masters and young researchers with strong interest are also welcomed)
No. of contact hours/hours in total incl. preparation, assignment(s) or the like: 125 hours in total, including lectures, exercises, lab and field trips, and assignments, as well as one week of preparatory reading.
Capacity limits: 15

Objectives of the course:

The course aims to provide participants with a deeper understanding of:

  • the role of wetlands and their relationship with climate change,
  • policy initiatives and development targets to restore wetlands/peatlands in Europe
  • wetlands restoration trade-offs and controversies
  • biodiversity response to wetland restoration and driving factors
  • wetland soil characterization and mapping,
  • biogeochemical processes in natural, restored, and treatment wetlands,
  • hydrological dynamics under wetland restoration (i.e. rewetting),
  • greenhouse gases emission measurements and biomass utilization,
  • modeling wetlands restoration scenarios


Learning outcomes and competencies:

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • have a better awareness of the ecological functionality of wetlands and their role in mitigating climate change,
  • have an overall view of the current wetland mapping technology,
  • describe wetland soil and hydrology characteristics,
  • understand interactions of biogeochemical processes in wetlands,
  • describe the impact of wetlands on nutrient cycling in agricultural catchments,
  • understand different wetland systems, their applicability, and limitations,
  • use different techniques to measure greenhouse gas fluxes,
  • discuss peatland trade-offs and controversies, and policy initiatives.

Name of lecturers:

  • Shubiao Wu, Associate Professor. Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University. Responsible for wetland biogeochemical processes
  • Brian Keith Sorrell, Associate Professor. Department of Biology, Aarhus University. Responsible for the role of wetland plants and biogeochemistry in the rhizosphere.
  • Amélie Marie Beucher, Assistant Professor. Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University. Responsible for wetland soil characterization and digital mapping
  • Bo V. Iversen, Associate Professor. Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University. Responsible for hydrology in wetlands
  • Poul Erik Lærke, Senior Researcher, Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University. Responsible for wetland GHGs emissions and biomass production
  • Lorenzo Pugliese, Academic employee, Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University. Responsible for nutrient transport and modeling in wetland soil. He will also supervise lab tracer experiments and field trips
  • Johannes W.M. (Jeroen) Pullens, Researcher. Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University. Responsible for Eddy covariance towers to measure greenhouse gas fluxes.
  • Andres Felipe Rodriguez Grisales, Postdoc. Responsible for chamber systems to measure greenhouse gas fluxes.
  • Claudia Nielsen, Postdoc. Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University. Responsible for peatland trade-offs and controversies.
  • Atif Muhmood, MSCA fellow, Responsible for phosphorus leaching in the wetland rewetting process.
  • Lucas Carvalho Gomes, Postdoc, Responsible for modeling wetlands restoration scenarios.
  • A few international experts will be invited.

Type of course/teaching methods:
Lectures, exercises, group work, lab and field trip, final assignment


Course assessment:
Classwork - satisfactory participation in the course; Group work and oral presentation. Prior to the course, each participant should prepare one slide PPT to introduce their research.


Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University, Blichers Allé 20, DK- 8830 Tjele


Special comments on this course:
The course fee is 600 Euro.


7-11 October 2024

AU Foulum – Department of Agroecology and wetland areas in Denmark


The deadline for registration is 30 May 2024. Admission information will be sent out no later than 30 June 2024.

Please register via this link: https://events.au.dk/wetlands2024

If you have any questions, please contact Shubiao Wu, e-mail: wushubiao@agro.au.dk

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