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ECTS credits for PhD activities other than regular courses

In addition to ECTS course credits for ordinary PhD course participation, the programme chair can grant ECTS course credits (1 ECTS credit per 25-30 hours of student activity) for documented activities at PhD level related to courses and/or extended visits at private enterprises and/or other research institutions, individually planned study activities or projects that are not part of the PhD project, participation in schools, workshops and conferences, etc.

To be eligible for ECTS course credits, a description of the activity (including specified learning objectives and ECTS credits) must be approved (preferably in advance) by the main supervisor and the programme chair.

The activity must be documented, and a description as well as documentation must be uploaded in MyPhD. Documentation can for example be proof of active participation from the organiser of schools, or supervisor approval of group seminars and/or knowledge-sharing written reports on the outcome of the activity.

A maximum of 10 ECTS course credits can be earned from activities that cannot be characterised as an ordinary PhD course or school participation.

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