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2020.06.26 | Talent development, PhD students

Opening hours during the summer

Nat-Tech PhD administration will not be fully staffed during the summer period, so please be patient if you have inquiries. On 20 – 24 July (weeks 30) 2020 we will be closed.

2020.04.20 | PhD students

A gradual resumption of lab research – possibly as early as this week

We are very pleased to announce that the Prime Minister's Office has informed us that it will now be possible to partially reopen research labs for researchers, PhD students and students.

McKinsey & Company

2020.03.31 | PhD students

WEBINAR: Wondering what to do after your PhD? – PhDs in management consulting with McKinsey & Company

Have you thought about using the skills you have gained during your PhD to solve important problems in a wide range of industries? At this webinar on 16 April 2020, McKinsey & Company will introduce Management Consulting and tell you about the work they do. You can also meet former PhDs who are currently working at McKinsey.

2020.03.09 | Events, PhD students

Tax seminar for PhD and researchers at AU

Meet the Danish tax agency and ask all your questions about your specific tax scheme as a researcher and other related topics for PhD students in Denmark. The event takes place on 12 March 2020 from 16:00-18:00 at Fredrik Nielsens Vej 2, 8000 Aarhus. Remember to sign up!

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Anne Sjørup Bertelsen

2020.06.30 | PhD defence

The smell of sweetness – how smell can be used to reduce the sugar content in beverages

PhD defence, Tuesday 30 June 2020. Anne Sjørup Bertelsen.

Betina Nørgaard Pedersen

2020.06.30 | PhD defence

The turnover of nitrogen fertilizers beyond the year of application

PhD defence, Tuesday 30 June 2020. Betina Nørgaard Pedersen.

Cecilie Kobek-Kjeldager

2020.06.29 | PhD defence

Animal welfare and management of surplus piglets in conventional pig production

PhD defence, Monday 29 June 2020. Cecilie Kobek-Kjeldager.

Louise Margrethe Arildsen Jakobsen

2020.06.29 | PhD defence

Bovine milk carbohydrates for infant formula

PhD defence, Monday 29 June 2020. Louise Margrethe Arildsen Jakobsen.

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