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Application deadline

Project title Programme Candidate background
2023/06/18 23:59 CEST Quantifying Cellular Reaction to Geometric Properties of Extracellular Environment Biological and Chemical Engineering Master’s degree in Chemistry, Chemical engineering, materials science or a similar subject.
2023/06/25 23:59 CEST

PhD student position in analysing stakeholder engagement regarding sustainable restoration of wetlands in the Nordic region

Environmental Science

A 2-year Master's degree, preferably with a specialization in political science, social science, sociology, anthropology, organizational science, environmental science, geography, agroecology or landscape planning (or related).

2023/06/25 23:59 CEST Method development in human statistical genetics, with a focus on classification of complex diseases Quantitative Genetics and Genomics Applicants must have a relevant Bachelor’s degree and a relevant Master’s degree (or have completed at least one year of a relevant Master’s degree programme).
2023/09/01 23:59 CEST PhD in Optimal use of fertilizer nitrogen for crop yield and nitrogen leaching Agroecology Applicants must have a relevant Master’s degree.
2023/06/15 23:59 CEST Circular fuel supply for air transport via negative emission Hydrothermal Liquefaction (CIRCULAIR) Biological and Chemical Engineering Applicants to the PhD position must have a recent, relevant Master’s degree (120 ECTS e.g. Chemical Engineering).
2023/06/15 23:59 CEST Machine learning based biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases Electrical and Computer Engineering M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Data Science, Biomedical Engineering or related field.
2023/06/15 23:59 CEST

PhD in Biological management of potato tuber blemish diseases

A Master’s degree in agrobiology or biology preferably with specialization in plant-microbe interactions, and basic knowledge of and skills for field sampling and laboratory work with microbial soil analyses.

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