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Announce a PhD project

Announce a PhD project

To have a project announced, please send the following to admission.gradschool.tech@au.dk:

  1. E-mail confirmation from your project economist that there is full funding (salary, tuition etc.) for the entire PhD project period.
  2. The filled-in project information form – please note that the bullet six in the form regarding announcements on external platforms is on your own expenses.

You will receive an e-mail with a link to the announcement, when it has been uploaded on the GSTS website. Don't forget to share the announcement link in your network.


Evaluation of applicants

From the time the PhD project is announced on the GSTS website and up to the application deadline, the GSTS will carry out a legality check on the applicants. This means that the GSTS will check all applicants, among other things for whether they meet the language skills requirements. If they fail to meet the language skills requirements, they will not be included in the further assessment process.

After the application deadline, when the legality check has been completed, applicants will be forwarded to the programme committees who make the academic recommendations. At the same time, applicants from the specific announcement will be sent to the owner/Main supervisor on the project for prescreening. The length of time for this will be agreed with the individual Head of programme .

On the basis of the academic recommendations, the Admissions Committee and the Head of PhD school will decide which applicants are to be offered a position.

Need help?

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the GSTS admission team at admission.gradschool.tech@au.dk.

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