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2021.01.06 | Talent development, PhD students

AU launches major quality analysis of its PhD programmes

As a PhD student, you can now help assess the quality of your PhD programme by completing the questionnaire you have received in your e-Boks. The survey is conducted every four years, and the responses are included in the work AU does to ensure the quality of its PhD programmes.

Vestas, Windmill

2020.11.26 | PhD students, Talent development

Women in Green Energy & Innovation

Are you a woman and curious about the Sustainable Energy industry? AU Career PhD & JR, in partnership with Vestas, invites PhD students and junior researchers from Aarhus University to join the event “Women in Green Energy & Innovation” (2 December 2020)

Photo: AU Photo, Jesper Rais

2020.11.05 | PhD students

Employment at AU Intro Webinar

Are you a new international staff member at Aarhus University? Do you have questions to your employment, pension schemes or tax schemes? Then this webinar is for you.

2020.09.15 | Talent development, PhD students

Academic Guest House

Are you contemplating studying in New York City for one or two semesters? If so, we may be in a position to accommodate you, together with Danish students, in a home away from home in this American metropolis.

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Hasse Højgaard Neve

2021.04.29 | PhD defence

Improving construction labor productivity and efficiency in construction projects

PhD defence, Thursday 29 April 2021. Hasse Højgaard Neve.

Teis Boderskov
The cultivation of sugar kelp - The image to the left shows the microscopic gametophyte stage, which develops, within few weeks, into the sporophyte phase, which is deployed in the ocean in fall, growing into the harvestable biomass in the coming spring (picture on the right). The development of the gametophyte, into the sporophyte (gametogenesis), is managed inland in a hatchery and is sensitive to variations in temperature, light and nutrients, and presents one of the challenges addressed for producing organic sugar kelp.

2021.04.29 | PhD defence

Scaling up the production of organic certified sugar kelp in Denmark

PhD defence, Thursday 29 April 2021. Teis Boderskov.

Loraine ten Damme

2021.04.28 | PhD defence

Tyre evolution, traction and repeated wheeling effects on the risk of soil compaction

PhD defence, Wednesday 28 April 2021, Loraine ten Damme

Triven Koganti

2021.04.27 | PhD defence

Non-destructive techniques for mapping agricultural subsurface drainage systems

PhD defence, Tuesday 27 April 2021, Triven Koganti

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Fri 28 May
10:00-12:00 | The qualifying exam will be held online
Qualifying exam: Intramuscular fat in beef - impact of genotype, age and sex
PhD student Fie Følbæk Gravgaard, Department of Food Science

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