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Structural Health Monitoring for Reinforced Concrete

PhD defence, Friday 10 June. Jaamac Hassan Hire

Jaamac Hassan Hire

During his Industrial PhD studies, Jaamac Hassan Hire has researched new techniques for corrosion monitoring in reinforced concrete structures. Reinforced concrete is the most used material in the world. In general, reinforced concrete is a durable material that can withstand a large range of severe environments, including marine and industrial conditions. Even though most structures show good long-term performance and high durability, there are still many premature failures resulting from reinforcement corrosion. Today, the corrosion assessment of structures is mainly performed through schedule-based visual inspection, which is labor-intensive, inaccurate, costly and may be untimely. Therefore, the PhD project proposes a design of a self-powered wireless corrosion monitoring system.

The developed sensor is based on a novel piezoelectric (electro-mechanical) principle. Furthermore for long-term powering of the system, a practical methodology to harvest energy from the corrosion process itself is presented.

The PhD study was completed at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Aarhus University.

This summary was prepared by the PhD student.

Time:Friday, 10 June at 13.00
Place: Building 5125 Edison, 417, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering , Aarhus University, Finlandsgade 22, Aarhus N

Title of PhD thesis: Self-powered Embedded Wireless Corrosion Monitoring system

Contact information:Jaamac Hassan Hire, e-mail:Jhh@ece.au.dk

Members of the assessment committee:

Associate Director Engineering Thomas Aakjer, Microchip Technology Inc, Denmark,

Professor Bernabe Linares-Barranco, instituto de Microelectrónica de Sevilla, Spain,

Professor (Docent) Henrik Karstoft (Chair), Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aarhus University, Denmark

Main supervisor:

Professor Farshad Moradi, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aarhus University, Denmark

Language: The PhD dissertation will be defended in English

The defence is public.
The PhD thesis is available for reading at the Graduate School of Technical Sciences/GSTS,

Jens Baggesens Vej 53, building 5221, second floor, 8200 Aarhus N.

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