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INTER CIRCLE U. PRIZE - call for applications

Now you have the chance to apply for the Inter Circle U. Prize, which is awarded by the European University Alliance, Circle U. The Circle U. alliance wishes to celebrate and highlight some of the best examples of inter- and transdisciplinary research.

The prize will be awarded annually by Circle U. to three nominees, after evaluation and selection of applications by a multidisciplinary panel comprised of Circle U.

The three winners of the Prize will get an unique opportunity to showcase their inter- and transdisciplinary research by getting professional support to record a short promotional video to highlight their research to a wide audience. These videos will be widely shared through the communication channels of the Circle U. Alliance and its partners, offering a high visibility to these initiatives.

The Prize is open to academic members, Postdocs and PhD candidates. There are no age, career stages or nationality restrictions. Application deadline is 10 May 2022. 

Please see the attahced call for more information about the Prize and how to apply. 

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