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From plant helper to insect killer – the elusive lifestyle of insect pathogenic fungi

PhD defence, Friday 30 October 2020. Rasmus Emil Jensen.

2020.10.30 | Sunitha Satkunam

Rasmus Emil Jensen.

During his PhD studies, Rasmus Emil Jensen researched insect pathogenic fungi living inside plants as endophytes. Endophytism is a term originally used to describe seemingly symptomless microorganisms living inside plants but today we know that endophytes play an important role in plant defense and growth. Rasmus Emil Jensen studied how endophytic insect pathogenic fungi influence plant defense against herbivores and how it affects arthropod natural enemies. 

The new research findings contribute to the elucidation of the roles of endophytic insect pathogenic fungi in plant defense and multi-trophic interactions with arthropod natural enemies.

The PhD study was completed at the Department of Agroecology, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Aarhus University.

This summary was prepared by the PhD student.

Time: Friday 30 October 2020 at 10:00
Place: The PhD defence will be held online. To receive a link to the event, please send an e-mail to Karina Rysholt Christensen; kch@agro.au.dk
Title of PhD thesis: The insect pathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana as an endophyte – influence on plant defense and multi-trophic interactions
Contact information: Rasmus Emil Jensen, e-mail: rasmusej@agro.au.dk, tel.: +45 40 28 49 04.
Members of the assessment committee:
Associate Professor Nicolai Vitt Meyling, Department of Plant and Environmental Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Associate Professor Velemir Ninkovic, Department of Ecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden.
Senior Scientist Henrik Skovgaard (chair), Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University, Denmark.
Main supervisor: 
Senior Scientist Annie Enkegaard, Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University, Denmark.
Senior Scientist Tove Steenberg, Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University, Denmark.
Language: The PhD dissertation will be defended in English

The defence is public.

Due to the coronavirus situation, the PhD thesis will not be available for reading at the offices of the PhD administration. Instead, interested parties may send an e-mail to gradschool.tech@au.dk to receive a digital copy of the PhD thesis. Please note, it may in certain cases be necessary to make an individual arrangement to read the PhD thesis.


PhD defence
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