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Develop your academic identity

Join this lecture and workshop series on Academic Identity Development.

This lecture and workshop series focuses on ways to develop your academic identity through dissemination of your research. This exploration will be through concrete examples and discussions with fellow participants in the workshop. A central focus throughout these meetings is on how to become a reflective academic practitioner.

The event is aimed at early career researchers, including PhD students interested in developing an academic identity


  • Professor Wesley Shumar, Visiting scholar at CED, Department of Communication, Culture and Media, Drexel University, Philadelphia
  • Associate Professor Sarah Robinson, Centre for Educational Development, Aarhus University

Dates: 2 September, 28 September, 1 November 2022

Time: 1 pm – 3.30 pm

Venue: Building 1910, room 228, Aarhus University, Trøjborgvej 88, 8000 Aarhus C.

Registration: https://events.au.dk/academicidentitydevelopment/signup  NB: You do not have to sign up for the whole series!


2 September
At this meeting you will explore your current research themes and how these can be framed for different audiences. In small group discussions, you will share your ideas for writing and presenting your research and try out different presentation techniques.

28 September
Here we will focus on developing an academic identity and through recognition of your own skills and passions incorporate opportunities when they arise, into your academic identity.

1 November
At this meeting we will work on establishing and developing academic communities and how this is both a process of finding a community to talk to, as well as, how to creatively build new research communities.

The workshop is driven by the participants’ interests and suggestions. Attendance at the lecture and workshops is physical.

The lecture and workshop series will begin with a short presentation from Professor Shumar, followed by a short plenary discussion. The workshop part will then take up the remaining time (at least an hour).

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