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Animal welfare and management of surplus piglets in conventional pig production

PhD defence, Monday 29 June 2020. Cecilie Kobek-Kjeldager.

2020.06.29 | Sunitha Satkunam

Cecilie Kobek-Kjeldager

During her PhD studies, Cecilie Kobek-Kjeldager researched the behaviour and welfare of domestic, suckling piglets and hyper-prolific sows. In large litters piglet mortality and sibling competition is cause of animal welfare concerns. Cecilie Kobek-Kjeldager studied whether access to milk replacer and improved udder access by loose housing sows could mitigate the consequences of large litters on piglet survival, growth and competition at the udder.

The research contributes with scientific knowledge about the animal welfare implications of managing large litters, which need to be balanced with the environmental and economic impact of intensive pig production.

The PhD study was completed at Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Aarhus University.

This summary was prepared by the PhD student.

Time: Monday, 29 June at 13.00
Place: To be held at Aarhus University. To receive a link to the event, please send an e-mail to Charlotte K. Steffensen; charlotte.steffensen@au.dk.
Title of PhD thesis: Sibling competition in suckling piglets from hyper-prolific sows: Effects of litter size, milk replacer and housing conditions on  feeding behaviour and welfare
Contact information: Cecilie Kobek-Kjeldager, e-mail: Cecilie.kobek-kjeldager@anis.au.dk tel.: +45 21 29 62 11
Members of the assessment committee:
Research Director Armelle Prunier, Centre de Recherche de Rennes, French National Institute for Agricultural, Food and Environment (INRAE), France
Professor Inger Lise Andersen, Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway
Senior Researcher Mette S. Herskin (chairperson), Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University, Denmark
Main supervisor:
Professor Lene Juul Pedersen, Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University, Denmark
Senior Researcher Peter Kappel Theil, Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University, Denmark
Chief Researcher Vivi Aarestrup Moustsen, SEGES The Danish Pig Research Centre, Denmark
Language: The PhD dissertation will be defended in English

The defence is public.

Due to the coronavirus situation, Aarhus University is physically closed. Therefore, the PhD thesis will not be available for reading at the offices of the PhD administration. Instead, interested parties may send an e-mail to gradschool.tech@au.dk, and receive a digital copy of the PhD thesis. Please note, it may in certain cases be necessary to make an individual arrangement to read the PhD thesis.


PhD defence
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