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Alternative feed ingredients for monogastric animals

PhD defence, Tuesday 29 June 2021, Marleen van der Heide

2021.06.29 | Helle Mitzi Thomsen Reichl

Marlene van der Heide

During her PhD studies, Marleen van der Heide evaluated a variety of alternative protein sources as nutritional and functional feed ingredients for monogastric animals. Environmental impact of conventional feed ingredients and the growing world population drive the need for finding alternative and sustainable feed ingredients to provide animal protein. Marleen van der Heide studied if seaweeds, insects and blue mussel meal can be used as alternative protein sources both in terms of animal performance and added value, i.e. gut health and egg quality, in pigs and poultry.

The new research findings contribute to the understanding of the suitability of alternative feed ingredients to provide protein for growth and to be used as functional feed ingredients.  

The PhD study was completed at the Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Aarhus University.

This summary was prepared by the PhD student.

Time: Tuesday, 29 June 2021 at 12:00
Place: The PhD defence will be held online. To receive a link to the event, please send an e-mail to Charlotte Steffensen; charlotte.steffensen@anis.au.dk 
Title of PhD thesis: Seaweeds, insects and blue mussel in sustainable monogastric nutrition - novel feedstuffs as nutritional and functional feed ingredients

Contact information: Marleen van der Heide, e-mail: marleen.vanderheide@anis.au.dk , tel.: +45 42831175

Members of the assessment committee:

Senior Researcher Alfons Jansman, Animal Nutrition, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Professor Damian Józefiak, Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Management, Poznań University of Life Sciences, Poland

Senior Researcher Stig Purup (chair), Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University, Denmark

Main supervisor:
Associate professor Jan Værum Nørgaard, Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University, Denmark


Associate professor Ricarda Margarete Engberg, Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University, Denmark

Associate professor Marianne Hammershøj, Department of Food Science, Aarhus University, Denmark.
The PhD dissertation will be defended in English

The defence is public.
Due to the coronavirus situation, the PhD thesis will not be available for reading at the offices of the PhD administration. Instead, interested parties may send an e-mail to gradschool.tech@au.dk to receive a digital copy of the PhD thesis. Please note, it may in certain cases be necessary to make an individual arrangement to read the PhD thesis.

PhD defence
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